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Data Recovery

​Key Features:

  • No Fix - No Fee

  • Advanced diagnostics

  • Liquid/spill damage

  • iMac's & MacBooks covered

  • Laptops & Desktop towers covered

  • All in one (AIO) desktops covered

How it works - Understand your journey with Technical Merritt

We understand the distress that can be caused by losing precious photos or files from your computer. Our workshop has advanced software to recover data from your laptop or desktop hard disk drive. If further work is needed, we are partnered with a specialist laboratory where your disk drive can be stripped down and physically repaired. We have excellent success rates with data recovery and offer 'no-data, no-fee' on our workshop recovery service to remove the financial risk from your data recovery.

Data recovery service may be required if:

  • You have deleted or missing files.

  • You can see your drive on your computer but unable to access it.

  • Your drive showing as formatted in "RAW" format

  • Your computer does not recognise the drive.

  • You Have broken the connections on your drive.

  • Your computer doesn't start or shows an MBR error.

  • You can hear a strange sound coming from your Hard drive.

​We offer data recovery on the following devices:

  • Hard disk drives - HDD

  • Solid State Disks - SSD

  • Desktop PCs

  • Laptops

  • MacBooks

  • iPhones

  • Android Phones

  • iPads

  • Android Tablets

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