Mac, PC & Laptop Repair

​Key Features:​

  • No Fix - No Fee

  • OEM original parts used when possible

  • Tailored service to help you get the most out of your computer

  • Screen replacements

  • Advanced diagnostics

  • Upgrades

  • Liquid/spill damage

  • Motherboard repair

  • iMac's & MacBooks Covered

  • Laptops & Desktop towers covered

  • All in one (AIO) desktops covered

How it works - Understand your journey with Technical Merritt

Laptop Brands we have worked on:​

  • Apple / Mac / MacBooks

  • Dell

  • Lenovo

  • HP / Hewlett Packard

  • Microsoft / Surface

  • Acer

  • Asus

  • LG

  • Sony / VAIO

  • Toshiba

  • Medion

  • MSI

  • Razer

  • Samsung

  • Alienware

  • Advent

  • Zoostorm


The term repair can mean a few things:​

  • Software repairs and adjustment - Often cleaning/speeding up an old PC by getting rid of junk files for performing a data backup followed by a complete reinstall of the operating systems.

  • Replacing parts - From the more simple RAM and SSD upgrades to motherboard replacements.

  • Repairing parts - Instead of replacing the whole part, replacing a small component that makes up that part.


Here at Technical Merritt, we have you covered with all 3! From software installations, to replacing tiny components on a motherboard.

"My computer is running slow."


We understand how frustrating a slow running computer can be and ultimately results in reduced use of your computer. Not to worry, Technical Merritt will have you back up to speed in no time.

The usual solution for this is a full service.

  • Removing junk

  • Optimising windows

  • Cleaning laptop or PC - removing dust so the cooling fan(s) can efficiently cool the computer

  • We may also suggest a couple of upgrades. An upgraded part or two can often breathe new life into a computer that had otherwise become frustrating to use and destined for the scrap heap..

"Upgrade to SSD"

By far the most frequent computer upgrade is from an old mechanical hard drive to a super-fast SSD. It's simple. If you don't have an SSD, then you are missing out on a substantial speed increase!

It used to be the case the these SSD's were very expensive and only something you found in the very high-end computers, but in recent years the price has come right down making it a sensible upgrade for everyone who intends to keep using their PC for more than a year.

"I've smashed my screen!"

We have replaced screens on just about every laptop you can think of. A smashed screen is just an accident waiting to happen, and judging by the amount that we replace, it's an accident that happens quite often.

When we replace LCD screens, we always use OEM or original parts wherever possible. The cost of screen repair depends on the cost of the part and the complexity of removal and fitting..

"Do I need more RAM?"

For a laptop today we'd recommend a minimum of 8GB with 16GB being the suggested amount for most users.

The often-overlooked speed of the RAM is all-important too.

If your computer has more than one RAM slot but only one stick of RAM, you're missing out on another considerable speed boost!

When RAM is installed in pairs, it means we can take advantage of a feature called "dual channel" in short, this means data can be moved around at twice the speed of a single-channel configuration..

"I spilt liquid on my computer."

There's a guide here on water/liquid damage, but rest assured at Technical Merritt we have you covered.

Laptop repairs are our daily bread, so if your laptop is dead or showing no signs of life, we have the solution.